Create memorable experiences with our personalized coconuts.

Who We Are

We supply customizable fresh coconuts for events.

Our clients love the refreshing taste of coconut water and the delicious coconut meat.

What We Do

We help event planners save money by using personalized coconuts to create memorable experiences and cherished souvenirs.

We arrive at your event with personalized coconuts and tailor-made coconut bikes.

Each coconut is customized with your logo or campaign, and our coconut bikes are adorned with your logo, marketing materials, and campaign messages.

We offer coconut bike rentals tailored for your events, featuring custom wraps adorned with your logo or branding. Additionally, we provide the option to purchase coconut bikes with personalized branding to suit your unique preferences.

We have the capability to customize the bikes to suit the requirements of your marketing or messaging campaign.

We manage the personalization of each coconut using our secure branding process.

We can transport your personalized coconuts and customized coconut bikes to any location worldwide where you are hosting your event through our global logistic service.


1. You order coconuts.

Get in touch with us to discover the perfect coconuts for your event!

2. Coconuts get ordered.

We will put in an order for you with our Coconut Producers.

3. Coconuts get harvested

We work with farmers who will select and harvest the finest young coconuts and prepare them for processing.

4.Coconuts are processed.

The coconuts are shaved and polished to the core, making them easy to ship and engraved with your logo.

5. Coconuts get shipped

The coconuts are  shipped from our Coconut Producers to our refrigerated warehouse.

5. Coconuts get delivered.

We bring in the coconuts and deliver them to your event with a smile and a straw.

6. Coconuts are enjoyed.

People enjoy drinking the coconut water, eating the coconut meat, and keeping the coconut as a souvenir.


We suggest an order of 1000 personalized coconuts. If that number is too high still contact us and we can see what we can do.

Yes we are fully insured.

Yes, we can set up a delivery and show you the simple and safe way to access the coconuts.

Smoothies are an option to add, we are also flexible about serving other food items.

This all depends on what your needs are. We are easy to work with and willing to negotiate.

We can get supplies from various locations like Florida, Costa Rica, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam based on what you need.

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